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ROC tarp is a professional heavy duty tarpaulin factory. All types are customizable in sizes, colors, and designs to meet your applications.

Leading Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Manufacturer

Heavy-duty tarpaulins are tough against tearing and abrasions with lasting durability in different weather conditions. They are engineered to industrial quality. In any industrial, agricultural, or transportation, the heavy-duty tarps are excellent performance.

Furthermore, the ROC tarp’s heavy-duty tarpaulin is a functional and fashionable covering choice. The tarpaulins come in a variety of sizes, colors, and fabrics. It includes green, black, silver, and orange.

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Products

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin for Different Industries

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Description

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Specification:

Custom size, width, length, and colors are available;
According to RAL / Pantone Color Chart / Sample Color;
Embossing options: Cape embossing, Cow embossing, Diamond embossing, Oxford embossing, 3D embossing, Linen embossing, Satin embossing, Tatami embossing, and another pattern please contact us for details.

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Key Feature:

  • Acrylic and PVDF Lacquered available, easy to clean and maintain;
  • 100% Waterproof, Good tensile and tearing strength;
  • Anti-wicking, Anti-mildew treated, UV treated available;
  • Outstanding Anti-mildew performance, long service life;
  • 100% Waterproof, Good tensile and tearing strength;
outdoors & garden tarpaulin

Outdoors & Garden

transport & vehicle

Transport & Vehicle

building construction

Building Construction

agricultural & farming tarpaulin

Agricultural & Farming

PE Tarpaulin Packing:

  • PE tarpaulin rolls are packed on paper core tubes and wrapped in same tarpaulin fabric.
  • Each ready made piece put into poly bag with color label insert or touching sample to the top (Optional).
  • Several pieces packed in a bale made of the same tarpaulin sheet or export carton (Optional).
  • Several pieces packed in a bale made of the same tarpaulin sheet, a bale (usually25kg/bale), print shipping mark on each bale or carton (Optional).

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Advantages

Why ROC Tarp Heavy Duty Poly Tarpaulin

ROC Tarp owns the upgraded equipment for different customization sizes, GSM and thickness needs. We have 65 water jet loom machines, 2 plastic double die wire drawing machines, and 1 laminating machine, as well as 2 large automatic stitching machines., etc.

Customizing different types of poly tarp sheets, whether it’s a large or small tarp, we customize and ship your order within 1 to 6 weeks. Choose your fabric, color, and GSM, thickness, then send us an email. Our PE tarpaulin experts and skilled workers will provide the requested specifications. Whether your tarps are for industrial, commercial, or outdoor uses, ROC Tarp has a remarkable capability to produce your tarp sheets for different applications.

For further ROC Tarp ability information, drop us a message now!

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