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ROC tarp is a highly experienced tarpaulins manufacturer in China. We can manufacture various tarps for transport and vehicles industries. It includes: truck, trailer, cars, railway wagon, lorry, garage covering, from recreational vehicle to cargo logistics.

Transport & Vehicle Tarpaulins

transport & vehicle tarpaulins manufacturing process

Transport & Vehicle Tarpaulins Manufacturing Process

ROC tarp performs manufacturing processes depending on your applications. If your tarps are used as automatic tarpaulin system, we can provide custom services. Step by step processing starts from:

  • Drawing – We used quality material in this process to made out to yarn with high tensile strength.
  • Weaving – Arranging the warp and weft to water-looms and weaving them into the specific fabrics, such as 6×6, 8×8, 10×10, and more to match automatic tarpaulin needs.
  • Coating – In the laminating process, the woven fabrics are coated with the melted LDPE film by extruding.
  • Welding – After the process, yarn, weaving and lamination, the next step is the welding process. Our welding machine is 15m width maximum and tandem type.

Transport & Vehicle Tarpaulin Options

Plastic tarpaulins that are most common for covering transport & vehicle include poly, vinyl, and canvas.

We used these materials for creating garage, shelter, carport and other vehicle covering because of their waterproof, heavy duty but lightweight properties. They also have strong resistences and do not corrode and high durable as well.

transport & vehicle tarpaulin options

Transport & Vehicle Tarpaulins Features

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