Poly tarps or also known as PE tarpaulins are made from polyethylene material which is a kind of plastic. They are large sheets and can protect you and your workplace from rain, strong winds, and sunlight. due to the flexible, strong, water-resistant, or waterproof features.

There are so many different types of poly tarps available on the market, how do you choose the right one? In this article, we will discuss the different types of poly tarps and their uses to help you choose the right one for your business. Let’s dive into it.

Types of Poly Tarps

Poly tarps can be divided into different types on the basis of thickness, weight, and purpose. On the basis of thickness, weight, and used applications, the tarps are of the following types:

Heavy duty poly tarps

Heavy duty poly tarps are typically made using high-density polyethylene (PE) material, which makes them strong, durable and water-resistant. Heavy-duty tarps are widely used for many commercial, industrial, and agricultural to protect materials, supplies, equipment, vehicles, freight, structures, people, and areas from the elements, debris, unwanted people, pests, and other hazards.

ROC Tarp has a wide variety of heavy-duty poly tarps with different colors, weights, fabrics, and standard or customized sizes to match your specific dimensional and spacing requirements for materials, equipment, and structures perfect for warehousing, manufacturing, trucking, construction, and landscaping. These tarps can also be used for agricultural, farming, gardening, and disaster recovery uses.

Waterproof poly tarps

Waterproof is the most valuable feature of poly tarp sheets or covers because waterproof poly tarps are made from high-quality plastic poly fabrics in various thicknesses, weights, and colors in popular standard sizes and custom options to meet your waterproof requirements.

ROC Tarp provides a wide selection of waterproof poly tarps with different colors, thicknesses, weights, and fabrics perfect for outdoor and indoor applications. Waterproof covers are great for trucking, agriculture, material storage, and equipment covers when guarding against the damaging effects of water and other hazards.

Uses of Polyethylene Tarps

Poly tarps are used for many purposes, such as to protect equipment and as a temporary shelter. There are different types of poly tarps, and each has its own uses.


Heavy-duty poly tarps are more commonly used in industrial sites such as mining and construction sites for many varied uses.

They are made from high-grade fiber material that is durable and can withstand harsh and tough conditions. They work great in protecting unfinished scaffolding on site by covering large holes for pipe foundations etc.


Heavy duty poly tarps are used for heavy-duty cargo during its transportation to protect loads and provide safe deliveries.

Heavy duty waterproof poly tarps can protect boats and vehicles from the elements, heavy loads and frequent wear and tear.

Emergency Protection

Heavy duty waterproof poly tarps are the best short-term solution for heavy winds, rains, or storm damage. They can be used to protect buildings and construction sites and their contents from any damage in emergency conditions.


Our poly tarps are manufactured of high-quality polyethylene plastic materials, which are synthetic tarps with fully waterproof, durable, and breathable features.

Heavy duty poly tarps are resistant to all types of weather conditions from wind, sand, rain and heat. They are ideal if you’re looking for a strong yet breathable tarp. Our team can customize your tarps for your needs.

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