What is GSM?

GSM is the metric measurement that is generally used in the most common places for the fabric weight, it is known as Grams per Square and is usually short as GSM or gm/2.

What is OZ?

The term “OZ” or “oz/yd2” is an imperial unit of measure for fabric weight, which is usually used in North America and the Commonwealth of Nations. It stands for “ounces per square yard”.

How to convert GSM to OZ?

The terms “GSM” or “OZ” are the measures of the weight of different fabrics, such as tarps, covers, and cloths.

The term “GSM” stands for “Grams/Square Meter” and is the metric equivalent of oz. To convert GSM to oz, divide by 33.906. For example, 80 GSM would be equal to 2.352 oz.

1 Oz/Sq Yd = 33.906 GSM

80 GSM = 2.352 Oz/Sq Yd

OZ below refers to Ounces/Square Yard (Should technically be written OZ/SQ YD or yd^2). We use this formula to convert OZ to GSM: 1 oz/yd^2 = 33.906 g/m^2.

1 GSM = 0.0294935247 Oz/Sq Yd

1 Oz/Sq Yd ~ 34 GSM

PS: We usually describe the density of PE Tarpaulin with Mil, and clients commonly mix Mil with GSM or OZ, but there is NO conversion from GSM to MIL or from MIL to GSM (One is a density and one is a weight). I can’t tell you how much someone weighs if you only tell me how tall they are. However, we can make a generalized guess basic our full years of experience in poly tarps and custom tarpaulins manufacturing.

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